The Glorious early May Bank Holiday weather was kind enough to hang around into the Tuesday as Middlesex opened their 2018 friendly campaign.

 1st opponents of the season were Warwickshire BA, who were welcomed to West Ealing BC which looked resplendent in the early season sunshine.

 Sadly the higher than average temperatures did not lead to a “hot” performance on the green, well not from the Middlesex side any way!

 Defeat on 5 rinks saw Middlesex comfortably beaten 90-135.

 Middlesex’s top rink was Tony Paulley (Past President, Harrow), Norman Chart (Cambridge Park), Rob Green (West Ealing) and Andy Knott (Competition Secretary, Masonian) who prevailed 20-19.

Off the green it was a much more rewarding day for Middlesex’s players. Colin Jones (Pinner BC), Gary Bond (Rosedale Park) and top rinker Norman Chart all received their Colts badge. Roger Leatherby (Sunbury Sports) received his full county badge from President Andy Docker.

 So a less than successful start but a quick chance to redeem face with Buckinghamshire BA at Iver Heath to play in less than 48 hours.