The M.B.A. Benevolent Fund is a charitable fund whose sole purpose is to offer financial aid to bowlers and/or their dependents who are or have been members of subscribing clubs affiliated to the M.B.A. and who are experiencing financial difficulties.


Founded in 1927, the pre welfare state era, most applicants were given aid to pay medical bills. After WW2 and the founding of the NHS, this need disappeared overnight. It was then decided to award grants at Christmas to help needy applicants pay for a little luxury during the festive season. Special grants were also awarded in exceptional circumstances. In recent years the number of applicants has dwindled to single figures and the Fund Committee is endeavouring to find ways of attracting more applications.


Special grants 

Special grants for a specific purpose such as extended illness or funerals can be made during the year. A representative of club involved must write, email or telephone to the Benevolent Fund Secretary to explain the need for the Special Grant. A Special grant application form will be sent. Depending upon the urgency of the case, it will be discussed by the Trustees without delay and if the application is approved, financial help is given.


Christmas grants.

All applications for a Christmas grant must come directly from a member of the club involved and not from relatives or other individuals.  The applicant’s club secretary will be sent a Christmas grant application form, which must be filled in with details of the applicant, reasons for the application and then returned to the Benevolent Fund secretary.


The Trustees, officers and committee of the Benevolent Fund meet at the A.G.M. to discuss all cases in question. The grant amount, which is reviewed annually, will be delivered in person just before Christmas to all successful applicants. All grants awarded to applicants are treated anonymously by the Fund.

Club Secretaries wishing to apply for a grant for a current or past member are to write to or email the Benevolent Fund Secretary.


Mike Rosenthal, 6, Devonshire Road, Harrow, Middlesex, HA1 4LR.

Phone: 020 8248 4610 email: emanessr@yahoo.co.uk