*  Let me know if you need a lift will try and put you in touch with a Car Driver

Selectors - Peter Lavender, Roy Dodson, Brian Hearn, John Parrish, Eric Prior, Andy Knott and David Todd.


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DATE  Versus Venue Report


May Tue 12th Cambridge Park (Bannerette) Ladygate BC    
June Thur 24th Sussex CBA  TBC    
Thur 30th Hampshire CBA Ashford BC    
July Sun 6th Northamptonshire CBA Harefield Hospital BC    
Mon 8th Masonian (Bannerette) Masonian BC    
Wed 13th IHertfordshire CBA  Winchmore Hill BC    
  Tue 21st Strawberry Hill (Banerette) Strawberry Hill BC    
Wed 23rd Huntingdonshire CBA  Brampton Institute BC    
Thu 28th Home Counties BA West Ealing BC    
August Mon 2nd London Parks BA Bounds Green BC    
Wed 4th Somerset CBA *** Keynsham BC    
Tue 10th Kent CBA Bush Hill Park BC    
  Tue 12th Suffolk CBA Malden BC  Essex CM9 5JQ)    
Fri 17th Surrey CBA Stains BC    
September Wed 16th Norfolk CBA *** Wymondham Dell BC    
TBA     Ealing & District (Bannerette( West Ealing BC