Do Ė Inform the County Secretary if you have NOT received Executive or AGMís minutes at least 2 WEEKS before meeting date.

DO Ė remember to elect your DELEGATE at your AGM who should attend both EXECUTIVE MEETINGS and the AGM, or send a deputy.

DO  - remember that all CORRESPONDENCE appertaining to the Association must be addressed to the SECRETARY.

Do - remember that the names of Male members MUST be sent to the County Administrator (not the secretary), Sally Woodhouse, with the club information form by November 1st each year. Affiliation and Competitions fees MUST be RECEIVED by the County Treasurer by November 1st at latest.

ALL cheques should be  made payable to the Middlesex County Bowling Association.

DO - remember to deal promptly with all matters concerning the Association, namely the returning of the ďClub Information Form,Ē and the ďCounty Affiliation Form.Ē Delays mean extra postage and unnecessary waste of time.

DO - remember that the COUNTY SECRETARY must be informed by the end of JULY if the COUNTY PRESIDENT is to be invited to a club dinner. If the PRESIDENT is expected to propose or respond to a toast then the County Secretary should be informed when the invitation is sent.

DO - remember that if any club affiliated to the Association wishes to change its green or title they must inform the County Secretary BEFORE any changes are made.

DO - remember that, by an Bowls England resolution only male players can compete in County Competitions and Matches.

DO - purchase Laws of the Game booklets, available from the County Coach.

DONíT - forget that District Secretaries must be informed of all Competition scores at the close of the game and the scorecards sent by first class post.

DONíT - forget the Middlesex County Championships Ė Singles, Pairs, Triples, Fours, and under 25 Singles Ė lead to national honours. There is NO other way.

DONíT - forget the County and Bowls England Handbooks. Every club should possess at least one of each (ALL COMPETITORS MUST PURCHASE A COUNTY YEAR BOOK). Which contains interesting data of use too all.  These can be ordered each year on the ďCounty Affiliation Form.

DONíT - forget your Middlesex County lapel badge. These are available from the County Match Secretary. Every member of each affiliated club is entitled to wear one, so make your membership of the M. C. B. A. is known wherever you go.

DONíT - forget that composition bowls for competitive and domestic play must bear a legible stamp of the World Bowls Board for 2006 or later.

DONíT - forget that when spending money on a set of your own bowls make sure that they are the right size for YOU. Try out, (if possible with the help of fellow bowlers), several bowls before making up your mind.

DONíT - forget all clubs need a signed consent form for all Junior Members. Every Coach/Instructor has to complete a reference form as per Bowls England guidelines.


Dress: The attire too be worn at inter-county and other representative games shall be as follows: -

Navy blue blazer, white trousers, white shirt, white socks, county tie, white or brown shoes and white hat or white cap.

At all Middleton Cup matches and final stages of the Bowls England National Championships white waterproof clothing must be used (if worn). At all Middleton Cup and Home Counties Matches players are be expected to wear white shoes instead of brown.